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Array of Test framework to suit every need. Test automation done appropriately to augment. Below are the list of different tools/test frameworks developed in various areas. Each name defines the area it covers.

Software Quality Improvement

Code coverage is used in software testing, as it measures the quality of the test procedures, by describing the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested for a particular test suite.

Code Coverage helps in finding the functions and lines of code covered during testing.

It helps in identifying the gaps in testing.

It helps in building new test cases for part of the code which is not tested.

It helps in reducing the defects in the code.

Measurement Tools:

  • Open Source -'C'-> GCOV, 'Java'->JaCoCo(Emma) & Cobertura
  • Licensed - Squish, BullsEye, Rational.



Identify & execute the test scripts/cases of the module/feature.Create Baseline Coverage report for Module/binary under test.Analysing the coverage report & source lines helps to identify gaps in the test scripts/test cases.Compare between expected and obtained result.Sketch a test plan to bridge the gap.Write & Execute new test-cases/scripts.